For Communities & Fire Departments

Improve community health. Reduce spending. Eliminate unnecessary 911 calls.

FieldMed gives community health programs everything they need to excel in one unified platform.

Community health programs using FieldMed deliver medical care directly to patients’ homes, and can reduce emergency vehicle use by over 80%.

FieldMed gives community health programs everything they need to excel in one unified platform.

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For Communities & Fire Departments

Everything Your Team Needs in the Field

Manage appointments, input and track patient data, and sync seamlessly between devices.

Input and track patient data

across a dozen metrics, plus custom data like injuries, living situation, and potential risk factors.

Assign tasks to team members

in the app, then easily track and share the status of assigned tasks.

No more scribbled notes on latex gloves.

Enter data into one device on-site and it appears instantly across all FieldMed-enabled devices.

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For Communities & Fire Departments

Detailed Insights on Patient Conditions and Needs

Know your patients and see how their needs, conditions, and risks evolve over time.

Instantly set appointments, conduct check-ups, and administer basic healthcare

to patients on an ongoing basis in their homes

Save detailed patient data

including information that doesn’t appear in traditional metrics, like living conditions, relationships, behavioral challenges, and more.

Create effective relationships with patients

with phone check-ins, in-home visits, and a simple and streamlined appointment management system so you’re always on top of patient needs.

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For Communities & Fire Departments

Reduced Drain on Community Resources

Many patients visit the hospital because they don’t know where else to get the care they need. FieldMed-powered community health brings that care directly to their home.

80% reduction in engine calls and 87% reduction in truck calls

in existing community health programs.

Designed to operate from a standard passenger vehicle

teams with FieldMed can efficiently administer in-home care for basic medical needs.

Improved Asset and Resource Management

means reduced operating costs, and ensuring assets are available where they’re needed most.

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Why FieldMed

Community health programs have been instituted in over 500 cities nationwide. FieldMed is the first platform designed specifically to serve these programs.

Integrated Calendars & Appointments

Manage your schedule in a monthly, weekly, or daily view. Set appointments instantly, then reschedule or cancel them with a tap.

Task Tracker

Quickly assign tasks to specific team members. Group them by patient, set priority levels and deadlines, and get updated when they’re completed.

Patients Overview

See a global view of your patients and their info. Filter your list by patient status, next appointment, or medical facility.

Detailed Patient View

Get a complete overview of a patient, including associated tasks, visit summaries, specific needs, location, vitals, lab results, notes, and relevant files.

Detailed Vitals and Labs Tracking

Track blood pressure, heart rate, oxygen, temperature, weight, and more. Instantly see how metrics are tracking overtime to understand your patient’s evolving health and needs.

Instant Syncing &
Mobile-to-Desktop Optimization

Access a full-featured mobile app at appointments and in the field. Data syncs instantly across devices and from mobile to desktop.

Intuitive & Streamlined Interface

Menus, functions, and views are all where you expect them in a clean and highly visual interface that lets you input information quickly.

Full HIPAA Compliance

Patient data is securely stored and fully compliant with all medical privacy laws.